Dirty Laundry

Would all the moms out there who picked some piece of dirty clothing at some point during the day please raise your hand? Okay, for the 3 moms out there that did not, please let me know what your tricks are. Here is what happened in our house today- and know this is a fairly standard occurrence. I get up to get in the shower and realize that there is a small mountain of clothes on the bathroom floor. Our bathroom is not big, so a small mountain of clothes is pretty much the entire floor. Most of them are from the boys showering the previous night, some were hubs and some were mine. So, I can’t get too mad because yes, I’m a repeat offender too. However, what happens next is more what drives me batty. I climb over the clothes and figure I will get to them when I’m out of the shower. I’m out and starting to get ready and hubs walks into the bathroom and has to push, I mean PUSH, the door back to get in the bathroom past me because the clothes were in the way, instead of picking them up. Now, I’m am in no way talking bad about hubs. He does a lot around here considering that he is a full time med student, husband and dad. I am more peeved about the fact I am the primary person who picks the clothes up, when mine are only a quarter (or less) of the pile- they’re mostly the kids clothes. And actually, as irritating as it was to have the clothes behind the door, it’s more the clothes that are spread all over the house on a regular basis that makes me the craziest. A sock here, shirt there. Never sure if it is dirty or just one that did not get put away properly. And don’t even get me started on my frustration when I see PERFECTLY FOLDED clothes in the hamper- ones that I just folded that week indicating that one of the boys was too lazy to put them away or ask for help getting them in the drawer. At least the ones in the bathroom were all in one spot. It’s not just laundry either. How about the random toys that you step on throughout the house that are that constant reminder that you need to clean. It’s like when the batteries are low in the smoke detectors and they chirp every 10 minutes. I walk through 2 rooms and puncture each foot on a random Lego and Hero Masher accessories. A nice square Lego with the right foot- “clean the house lady”. Now the left foot, a Captain America leg- “don’t forget to vacuum”. It’s like the junk on the floor talks to me, nags me to clean. Thankfully I haven’t stepped on the wolverine pieces, I’m sure his claws would be my foot’s least favorite piece.

Of course when I ask the boys the do something, I am just sucking every last bit of joy out of them. Which is why now I just tell them. I cannot do everything on my own and I suppose maybe it will build character in the boys, or at least someday their college roommates may thank me. I don’t go crazy, these are simple tasks people. Pick up after yourself, take garbage or recycling out, and keep your room “clean” (I would like to see the carpet at least part of the week). I realize that I have boys so things will not be neat and tidy all the time. If I can just have the house not resemble the booby trapped version of the Home Alone house I feel like I’m making progress. I just know I need to solicit help, even if from the kids. I think what makes this bearable is that our situation was validated when talking with a friend recently. She had nearly the same exact thing happen at her house! I suddenly felt like there was hope. She seems like a normal, hard working mom and she has dirty laundry (literally) on the bathroom floor of her house! Maybe we are more normal than I think. Nothing is worse than when you feel like your situation is weird, abnormal. You lose the desire to talk about it because you worry you might be judged as “that family” or “that mom”. I’m getting over it. With our current living situation (renting a townhouse that fits a family of 3- maybe 4- with a family of 5 in it), it’s inevitable that there will be stuff everywhere. I try to be all “feng shui” about it but there are not enough Pinterest boards that can help me get this house to a super functional state, and that’s okay. Since hubs is in med school, I am really not too concerned about my “dirty laundry”, there are more important things to think about. Like vacuuming so we don’t get sued over a punctured foot….

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