Dirty Laundry

Would all the moms out there who picked some piece of dirty clothing at some point during the day please raise your hand? Okay, for the 3 moms out there that did not, please let me know what your tricks are. Here is what happened in our house today- and know this is a fairly standard occurrence. I get up to get in the shower and realize that there is a small mountain of clothes on the bathroom floor. Continue reading

Recipe Overload

I have a bucket list for items in my life. Start a family- check. Get my masters degree- check. Travel to all 50 states- in progress. Organize recipes- ummm…yeah…about that….
Maybe it’s lame that I have organizing recipes on my bucket list. I am an unorganized organizational freak. I love hearing about all things organized but seldom have the time, or energy, to implement them. And if I do have the time, I often am at a loss as to the best way to execute the project. Which brings me back to this whole recipe debacle. Continue reading