Recipe Overload

I have a bucket list for items in my life. Start a family- check. Get my masters degree- check. Travel to all 50 states- in progress. Organize recipes- ummm…yeah…about that….
Maybe it’s lame that I have organizing recipes on my bucket list. I am an unorganized organizational freak. I love hearing about all things organized but seldom have the time, or energy, to implement them. And if I do have the time, I often am at a loss as to the best way to execute the project. Which brings me back to this whole recipe debacle.
Organizing my recipes is not simply just because I love organization, it’s because I had hoped to get them situated in a way that would allow me to pass them down to my kids in a usable fashion. Why pass along my scraps of paper? There is something to be said about changing something very chaotic to something relatively organized. I mean, if you can organize recipes, you can certainly conquer the world right?
Hand writing them seems so…1990. But just typing them into a document or spreadsheet seems way too unorganized. How do you search? What if you want to print them out? I’ve even thought about busting out my rudimentary programming skills and making my own clunky program. But at best, that might be a fancy spreadsheet and now with apps and online sites, it seems SO inefficient.
So, now I have several programs on my computer, a few apps on my tablet and a huge box full of oil and sugar stained papers. I feel it might help with the whole dinner planning thing as well. I wish this post was to offer a solution to this, I’m sure, growing epidemic, but it’s not. I am hoping you might offer some ideas on what works best for you. Have you found a solution that allows you to type in recipes without sharing them with the world? After all, I need to safeguard moms chocolate chip recipe!

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