Business Travel

It was inevitable that at some point after having our third baby I would have to face that first business trip away. I had to do it with the other 2 and it was always fine. That was before hubs was a medical student though. Now, in addition to med school, he has 3 drop offs, pick ups, lunches…oh and the first snow storm of the season to complicate matters a little more. I think today it would be safe to say he’s happy he has Jesus- and a car with decent tires!

So, as I was packing, I had a moment where I felt like super mom. I packed the boys lunches for the 2 days, picked clothes out for both days, and even ran to Walmart later at night to get boots for the boys for the impending snow storm (that could have been a blog post in itself!). I even tried on several outfits to find the best one for my first trip away- and of course the one that can mask the baby fat the best! By the time I laid down to go to bed, I felt like I had conquered the world. I laughed and told hubs that I should probably do that every night- or every Sunday- to prepare ahead and save myself a headache every morning but that would be WAY too organized.

So, fast forward to the morning I leave. I have a “hangover” of success from completing virtually everything I had hoped to complete. I get up earlier than usual to prepare for my early flight and I’m all smiles thinking about how I managed to get everything so organized and ready for hubs so that the routine isn’t too out of sorts while I’m gone. I’m getting ready and am pretty much on schedule…and then the kids get up. I am changing baby’s diaper while the older two are bickering about their clothes and how they can’t find them (they were on the ironing board right in front of them). I pull the diaper down and baby Asher decides to pee everywhere. EVERYWHERE. So, I’m scrambling to grab something to cover him and also make sure I’m not in the line of fire. Thankfully I wasn’t. Hubs was trying to get the older boys situated with breakfast while I was then putting a load of pee-pee laundry in. I go downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and start the car- you know because we’re having our first snowstorm. I get outside and realize that I cannot find the scraper for the windows. I know it’s in the car because we live in Minnesota and window scrapers are as necessary as air in the tires….maybe even more so. So, I go back in and help with the kiddos while hubs so kindly looks for the other scraper and cleans the car off. Of course it was hidden under the seat. Anyway, I’m at the point now where I have to tell the kids I’ll see them tomorrow and I’m ready to tear up because now I’m leaving 3 kids instead of 2. The older boys just give me a hug and it’s no big deal. Baby Asher just looks at me for a second and then is back to focusing on his bottle, which is way more exciting than me. So, off I go. I think hubs was the only one really sad to see me go.

I wasn’t sad about leaving, sure I’ll miss the kiddos, but I love my job and I know travel a piece of what I do. Thankfully it’s only a couple of times a year now and not a couple of times a month like it used to be. I felt like I was stepping back into the ring again. Although I have been back at work for almost 2 months since maternity leave, the excitement of new opportunities, new projects, was keeping me fueled. I get to the airport and I get my first rude awakening. I’m feeling inadequate, out of practice. Was my outfit really fitting okay or was my second spare tire showing a little too much through this shirt? Could I get my suit coat back on again without having a Tommy Boy moment (fat girl in a little coat) in the middle of security? Was it bad for me to stare at other women and see what cute fashion trends may have changed while I was away? That may have been a little creepy. So, sorry to the lady with the cute leopard print shirt, I thought it looked fabulous. Anyway, so as I’m going through this whole thought process, I had to laugh. Today, I made it out the door relatively on time, the house was still intact, I did not have any baby pee or puke on me and, as far as I can tell, I didn’t forget anything. So what if I can’t hug anyone while I’m wearing my suit coat, who hugs at professional conferences anyway!!?? I am surviving my first business trip as a mom of 3. I have an awesome husband at home who is allowing me to “Lean In” even when he has all of his stuff going on. So, I better take advantage of this opportunity and make it matter….and get a full night of sleep!

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