It Was Inevitable…..

Well, the day finally came. I knew it would happen. I was prepared, mentally, to handle it. I even joked with friends about it often. And then it happened. It was only 10 degrees outside today so I was bundled up and headed to work. Friday is jeans day at work so I busted out my comfy jeans that are still work appropriate, after all, it’s been a long week- comfort is key! After I drop the last kiddo off at daycare, I realize my legs are feeling a little colder than usual, even a little drafty. Naturally I put my hand where I feel the draft is, and bingo! I have a hole in my pants! Now, thankfully, this is a hole that is relatively easy to conceal which is great. However, it’s the placement and why it happened that makes it the most interesting. You see, all my life I’ve been a “curvy girl”. Hubs even said its one of the things he’s always liked about me. One of my curviest areas is that lovely thigh area. The inner thighs to be exact. Yes, my thighs are so big that they rub together and caused a hole in my jeans. Take that thigh gap! My thighs love each other so much they always stay in touch! No long distance relationship there!

The working world, especially a corporate world, is probably where I have/had the hardest time. Sometimes I have felt that there is an image that needs to be fulfilled to be a leader- skinny, trendy and exuding confidence. Not an easy feat when you are curvy and on a budget (or lack fashion know-how). Not easy to ooze confidence when you’re wondering if your granny undies are causing a major panty line through your high waisted pants. I’m gradually working towards a more trendy wardrobe but I also like to be comfortable. So, I’m eagerly awaiting the day when yoga pants are all the craze in the business casual world.
This could have been worse, one time I squatted down at work when I was in college and I literally ripped the inner thigh of my jeans wide open. WIDE OPEN. My thigh looked like spaghetti being pushed out of a pasta maker. And yes, there were people around when it happened. I cried the whole way home to get jeans that actually fit. Because clearly, those did not fit. Today I laughed about everything. I feel I have come a long way. Now, it has taken a number of years for me to be that okay with everything. I mean, sure, I would like to lose some weight- mostly for health reasons- but God made me this way so who am I challenge Him? Would my life be any different if I had a thigh gap? I might keep my pants longer, but I’ll just take this as a sign that it’s time to go shopping! Do skinny thighs dictate good leadership or increased productivity? I wouldn’t think so in most cases. I look at my body now, especially after having another baby and I am learning to love it. All of my stretch marks, scars, and curves are what show the timeline and legacy of my life. The stretch marks on my hips are from my pregnancy with Elijah. Aden changed my thighs (even more) and Baby Asher got my belly good. Looking at those boys, it’s a small price to pay to be their mom.


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