Med School Prom- The Wife’s Perspective

Yes, you read that right, Prom. Now you likely know that hubs is in med school currently. So when he came home and mentioned going to the prom my first reactions was “prom?”. I was secretly thinking that I had been done with that stuff when I finished high school. In high school, you have to find a dress, shoes, a date and then figure out the logistics of dinner, transportation, after party…and the list goes on. I get tired just thinking about it. Which is why my first inclination was to suddenly enroll one of the boys in an event that would completely overlap not allowing us to attend. I saw hubs eyes twinkle when he was talking about his awesome classmates and all the crazy stories from first semester, so I realized it might be the best opportunity to meet everyone. Besides, the logistics for a prom now are completely different. I wore a dress I already had (woo-hoo saved money!), shoes I already had (cha-ching!), hubs was my date (obviously) and dinner, well, we just stopped and got pizza because for us, THAT is a treat! We have the new (non-van) car- which made hubs way happier and after party- yeah right! The only party happening in my world is when my head hits the pillow and I’m sound asleep! It was set, we were headed to prom!

So, the night of the big event, nana came over to watch the boys while we got ready. The dress I wore was one I had worn last to a wedding a couple years ago, and being it post baby, we’ll just say it fit a little differently. So, the conundrum of Spanx or no Spanx? So, I put my nylons on (totally needed for my pasty, transparent legs) and then realized I needed the Spanx. So, I take the nylons off, add the Spanx and then get the nylons back on. Now, I can’t breathe. I determined that breathing was important and decided to lose the Spanx and stick with a somewhat control top. I just had a baby so whatever if my pouch is hanging out. I’m just happy I could reuse this dress! I do a little makeup and get my hair fluffed up, planning to look less “mom frumpy”. We were out the door, destined to get there “fashionably late”.

Now, I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. I mean, here I am, on my way to meet all these people that hubs talks about all the time. But, instead of being in my usual business casual work attire or jeans weekend attire, I’m in a cocktail dress with nylons cutting off my midsection and a strapless bra that is clearly not made for post-maternity bodies. Basically, I’m not super comfortable. That is always a bad start when you’re going to play outside of your sandbox, you know what I mean? And what if these people are crazy!? What if they hate me and it’s horribly awkward and then hubs is stuck in this weird place? What if I totally trip and fall and knock over the food table (remember I’m wearing heels for the first time in forever)? Or what if hubs abandons me and I’m standing there, by myself, and start getting questioned about science stuff by these med students?? You see where my mind is going with this? I’m not a science person and I’m going to be a room with hundreds of science minded people! Internally, I’m freaking out.

We get there and it is PACKED! I mean people everywhere and everyone is having a great time, socializing and happy and, well, normal. Not too unlike many of the mixers I had been to for work events and conferences. The only difference is that the average age for this crowd is about 25, where my work events are more like 45, so maybe a little more energy, but very normal. As we walk towards coat check, hubs is already seeing people he knows and I’ve now met about 3 people (I cannot remember names, I am HORRIBLE about that). Once we’re settling into the crowd, it’s clear that he’s happy. These people are like family and they all have that same weird love of science and medicine. And, many are type-A, totally up my alley! Most of all, everyone is NORMAL! I’m not getting questioned about science stuff and there are no jokes that go above my non-science brain. There are a lot of comments about the boys and asking how they are doing- I can totally answer those questions! Some questions about what I do for a living- another thing I can answer. Some of the best conversations were from the other “plus one” people there. We all pretty much agreed it’s overwhelming to start with, but by the end of the night we were all having fun and enjoying each others company. I’m not sure why I had these preconceived notions about what med students were like. I am married to one and he’s nothing like that. Maybe it’s TV or my interactions with doctors that made me feel like it was going to be this stuffy, uber professional event where people sip wine out of glasses with their pinkies pointing out. It was nothing like that. Had I walked in not knowing what group was hosting the event, I would have guessed it was a general college event or some other cocktail event that had a lot of 20-somethings.

As we drove home, dog tired, I had to admit to him that I did enjoy myself. I can see why he likes school- the people make it fun for him too. So, at least for the next 3 years I know that we have some pretty cool people to grow along with. It also gives me a lot of hope and expectation for what the next generation of doctors will be. Although I may be biased, I know they will all be great!

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