Band-Aids and Body Wash

There are two things that I am learning I need to buy in bulk: Band-Aids and body wash. Maybe I should just buy stock in a few specific companies knowing my family alone could keep them in business. Seriously. I could watch the profits soar.

Band-Aids are a serious matter in our house. We have one kid who truly has to be gushing blood before he puts one on, while the other makes up for all of his brothers combined. No joke, we went through a whole box of Band-Aids in a month. In the winter. Nothing happens in the winter! They’re not outside riding bikes, scraping knees. You have a paper cut? You better get the super, mega, large Band-Aid and put it on so your finger doesn’t fall off. You have a bruise? You definitely need a Band-Aid! You thought you were almost going to hurt your leg? Yup, you need one there too. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some valid injuries, as anyone with boys can understand. But the nonsense with the amount of Band-Aids is getting ridiculous. I spent over $30 at the store buying more because I wanted to make sure we had some around when we really need them. I get it though, as a kid, they’re supposed to make everything better. Even as I write this post, he’s in the bathroom removing a splinter and getting a Band-Aid. Don’t believe me? Ask hubs, he’s our in-resident doctor that is digging it out. He will for sure prescribe him a Band-Aid.

Band-Aids are one thing, but body wash, now that another story. I never thought we would go through body wash the way we do. Bars of soap are not a great option for boys, at least in our house. Think of bars of soap rocket propelling over the shower curtains or being slid around the tub like a Crisco coated bobsled on ice. I had thought providing body soap was like loss prevention at our house. Until I stepped in the shower, in a puddle of soap, and nearly kicked a hole through the wall. Really, sliding around like that at 5am is not the makings for a great day. It was literally half a bottle of soap that I had bought the day before. I think I was more upset that it was almost gone, rather than the fact I nearly broke my back. Even in weeks where the soap wasn’t spilled all over the shower, I couldn’t figure out where in the heck the stuff was going. I mean really, their bodies are a quarter of my size but they use 10 times as much body wash? Am I not washing myself that well? So, I spied. I saw one of the boys dump the body wash in his hand until it was spilling out. And, of course, it inevitably falls out as he begins washing, so he needs more. This was repeated 2 or 3 times. Ahh, that explains it. Now I see why a 20 ounce bottle can be eliminated in a week on a 40 pound child. How silly of me to think otherwise! Well, in an effort to save money so we could send our kids to college, I went on the hunt for a mega size bottle. With a pump. I figured either the bottle would be too heavy to pour, or they would be inclined to use the pump. I found a large bottle that I am happy to say had managed to stay with us for more than 2 months now! That’s totally a record.

It will get to a certain point where our other “well intended” child will like to “help out” by mixing body wash with our shampoo and conditioner. For example, one morning I begin washing my hair with my overpriced salon shampoo and realize, that in addition to the flower and herb smell I was used to, I was smelling peaches with a hint of cologne. Yup, he had mixed my shampoo with their body wash and hubs body wash. His justification was that he was making everything one step for me. I could wash my hair and my body with everything in there. I did get a little worried because I realized that the toilet bowl cleaner was right outside of the shower. He assured me he only used products for the body. I now buy hair products that don’t allow you to take the tops off.

So, the moral of the story: if you have a boy, you may want to stock up on these 2 items now. I’m sure as they get older, there will be something else. Please, share with me what they are so I can plan now. I need to get ahead of the curve!

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