The Talk

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. Elijah is in fourth grade and I know that they will begin talking about puberty and all of those things that made us blush when we were that age. We’ve always taken a very honest approach with the boys. Meaning, that we would always tell the (age appropriate) truth when they asked questions. When I became pregnant with Asher, there was obviously some interesting discussions. Aden for a long time thought that people got pregnant when they got “married”. So, according to the reproductive guidelines from Aden, hubs and I have been “married” 3 times. We left that alone for the moment.

Tonight was a different story. On our way home from Elijah’s Lego League practice (more info to come on that later), we began talking about bodily fluids that carry disease. Now, I won’t go into great detail on this post- although I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world we got onto that subject. Let’s just say, when you put enough elementary school kids together, there is bound to be at least one kid who picks their nose….and eats it. Like caviar.

Sorry, I had to puke in my mouth for a second. Anyway, I was explaining to Elijah that you can’t just go around sharing finger foods (popcorn, pretzels, chips, etc.) with everyone because it’s a concentrated germ factory in there. Honestly, I may not have been so passionate about it had I not seen the nasal caviar incident, but now, it’s totally on my radar. So, as I was explaining this, he asks me why boogers are a bio-hazard. I explain that there are a number of virus’ and bacteria that are carried in there. He then asks why blood is a bio-hazard. I begin explaining that there are virus’ that can be transferred through blood or bodily fluids that can be harmful to people. Did you catch that? I said bodily fluids. Yeah, I didn’t catch that either, until he asked me what I meant by that. Crap. I wasn’t really prepared to have this discussion on the car ride home from Lego League, while I’m super tired too. So, I thought that if I ask him some questions, maybe I can get an idea of where he is in his understanding and then carefully select how to respond- and then hubs and I can address it with him later on in more detail. Here was the conversation.

Me: “Well Elijah, what do you really know about how a baby is made?”

Elijah: “Yes, God puts the baby in the moms belly and it grows.”

Me: “Yes, I suppose that’s right on a grander scale, but what happens with the mom and dad?”

Elijah: “Oh yeah, that. Well, the dad uses his jelly beans and puts a molecule in the mom and it grows into a baby. When it gets a little bigger, the genetic profile is created to say if it’s a boy or a girl.”

Me: (smiling) “Yup, that’s pretty much it. The bodily fluids are the fluids that help that molecule get into the mom, which is how disease can be spread.”

Elijah: “Ooohhh, that makes sense!”

So, maybe not my best response (remember, I was REALLY tired), but in the end, he seems to have understood what I was trying to say. And, my greater hope, is that he will think twice before sharing finger foods with everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Talk

  1. LOL but now you are dreaming. Sucking on their fingers, picking noses, using the bathroom then not washing their hands, touching every surface in a public place, licking God knows what to then eat without washing their hands. Yuck! Oh yeah, let’s not forget “do you want a bite Nana?”. “No but thank you anyway”…to then a piece gets shoved into my mouth with a “I told you you’d like it!” OMG! Yes that has actually happened on many occasions. Good luck with your future talks on “germs, bacteria and bodily fluids”. I guess a little germs, bacteria and dirt won’t hurt most of us. Love you guys! xoxoxo


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