Diving Back In!

I’m in week 4 of being back after maternity leave. The end of my first week back I had found myself on an airplane on my way to a conference in Las Vegas. Nothing like diving right in! Overall the first week wasn’t bad. I didn’t cry and I managed to get through all 3,000+ emails that accumulated while I was out. However, I should have written myself a note to remind myself what the heck I was working on before I left. Seriously. It took piecing together many emails to remember projects I needed to follow up on and people I had to reach out to. I feel like the maternity fog is still lingering, but its begun to dissipate substantially. Well, except for the burnt out part, I can forego that feeling.

Week 3 we had family visiting and Ariah’s dedication at church. I went right from our crazy Vegas conference, to hosting. And then again last week, I was sitting on the plane headed to another conference in Vegas. The problem with this conference, although shorter than the first, it left me reeling with ideas for work. Not that digging out of email and playing catch up from three months away isn’t enough, right? Networking with others in the analytics industry and seeing what’s been happening over the last few months, gets me all revved up to go back to work and conquer the most challenging business problems. So, thank you Alteryx Inspire conference, you have inspired me. But I’m gonna need to wrap my head around the fact there is just one of me and lots of ideas.

iPhone 115

I’m especially thankful that hubs is a rock star. I don’t have to worry for a second about him holding down the fort and taking care of 4 kids. It’s easier to be away and makes FaceTiming way more enjoyable. Instead of having to ask “did you remember to take the baby out of the car seat?”, I can ask what the funniest thing Asher said, or did the boys enjoy the notes I put in their lunches. I suppose if I’m diving right back into work, that’s the best way!


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