Hubs: My Hero

A big part of being married and knowing your spouse is knowing what really knocks their socks off. For some women it might be a nice purse or piece of jewelry. For others it may be time away getting pampered (my second choice item). For me however, my first choice is having a clean house. If I walk in and the floors are shining and things are tidied up….look out! This mama is doing a dance! Oh, you’ve emptied the dishwasher…shut your face! The laundry is folded…and put away! Oh go on you say! Pure bliss is what I call that! After working all day I want to be able to come in and ENJOY my family. Sometimes I hate the ride home from work. I have excitement thinking about seeing the boys and hearing stories from their day. However, in that time before picking them up, I’m compiling that mental checklist of the endless number of items that need to get done tonight, along with just being able to enjoy the kids. Most of the items that I am tallying up I know will not get done, they’re just bonus items. I know that most things can wait until the weekend, but there is something to be said about enjoying a Saturday rather than cleaning all day.

Lately, it’s been bad…really bad. So bad that even hubs said the house was a disaster. You know it’s bad when he says something about it. He’s too busy to care what it looks like. In our house, the messes always start in the dining room- with homework. The boys come home and immediately sit at the kitchen table and do homework and have a snack. Fine right? Not really. By the time they’re done, the table is covered with papers, books, craft supplies and crumbs. Cleaning it up, in their world, means moving it from the kitchen table to the buffet table- the next open flat surface. It makes me completely crazy every night. Especially when homework isn’t done before dinner and we have to move things temporarily, something always gets lost or destroyed. It’s always a hot mess in our dining room. I was actually worried that someone would want to come over and visit. It was so bad, there was no way to do that “quick sweep” cleaning to make it relatively presentable. My mom would be horrified. I even thought about putting pictures up to show how bad it really got but thought better of it.

So, I did the only thing I thought would help. I watched a few episodes of Hoarders, Fixer Upper and then scoured Pinterest for ideas to make things more organized. Yes, that may have been part of why things got even worse. But, I am happy to say that I have found a solution! We have a mudroom/junk room in the downstairs of our townhouse that has historically been where we keep coats, shoes and a lot of extra kitchen stuff. It’s horribly cold down there in the winter and just very sterile (not in a clean way mind you). Plain ivory walls, white linoleum, etc. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we decided to make the stark, cold mudroom, the boy’s homework room. The awesome Hubs, on his spring break, went shopping with me (Unbelievable right!? Sorry ladies, he’s taken!) and helped to paint the room a warmer color. We got a space heater, rug, storage things for anything child related and even a couple of beanbag chairs. Everything is pretty much put together and they love it! Better yet, a large majority of the kitchen items I had down there were moved upstairs, so now I can be even lazier when baking! No more walking downstairs for me when I’m making a cheesecake!

So, hubs, knowing what really trips my trigger, sacrificed a decent part of his spring break to help me make this room habitable and possibly save my sanity. The upstairs has now been clean for more than one day in a row and I am anticipating a much more peaceful process for homework when they get back to school.

So, in honor of hubs, March Madness and the Spartans that we love so much, I’ve uploaded a picture of the cake he and I made a couple of years ago. I look forward to many more baking opportunities now that I have everything at my fingertips and the kids mess out of the way. Forget the flowers and box of chocolates, I’ll take this any day!

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