Hammering the Walls

Here’s a Friday funny for you. A few weeks ago I was working from home during the middle of the week and hubs was in and out of the house for meetings and appointments. As I was sitting in the living room, I heard some thumping coming from our neighbors place. So, I smiled and mentioned to hubs that it sounded like there was some fun being had next door. He told me to get my head out of the gutter, it’s probably not that!

Well, last week when I was traveling, hubs was running around getting the boys situated and realized that Aden was bouncing a ball off of the wall repeatedly. He scolded him and said to stop bouncing it on the wall and have respect for the neighbors. Aden’s reply, “Well, they don’t have respect for us because I hear them hammering the walls EVERY night!”. So, after a sheepish correction, hubs admitted that I was probably right in what I had heard a few weeks ago. I can only believe that Aden is imagining their wall covered in picture frames. Why else would you be hammering all the time?

Happy weekend!

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